Co-curricular activities

Different programs, aimed at creating well equipped citizens , are conducted at the school. The dark innate talents of the students are brought to light through weekend competitions, Literary and art fetes and annual arts and sports day celebrations. To enhance scientific spirit among the students,  exhibition is also being conducted at school . There are different clubs like literary club, social club, nature club, anti drugs club and volunteers wing.

To develop the co-curricular skills of the students Karate, Yoga, Work experience, Art, Craft and Home science classes lead by experienced teachers are included in the curriculum.

Games and Sports
sports-high “A healthy body houses a healthy mind” – The school fully believes in this maxim. Hence ample resources have been made available for the physical fitness of the students. Apart from a sprawling campus spread over 12 acres, facilities for the various Sports and Games are available in the school.


Simple but attractive items are prepared by the children upto class VIII which have a magnetic charm. This activity teaches the students ingenious ways of cutting, wrapping, covering, gluing paper, card and fabric to provide a wide range of decorative items.
Public Speaking
public-speaking In the highly competitive world of today children need to learn to be better communicators. Introducing them to public speaking from an early age gives them an advantage. Here they learn the art of expressing opinions on a series of topics, so as to tone their oral language skills through diction, voice modulation etc. in addition, other similar activities can also be taken up side by side to make them even better communicators.
img_5599 Children portray their imagination on paper in form of modern art, figurative drawings and landscapes. The splendour of splashing colours has always been a visual feast to all and our students excel in playing with colours from all the sorts ranging from crayons to oil paints.
Music and Dance
dancesoo “A school without music is like a body without soul”, said the great educator Don Bosco. Acknowledging the validity of this statement IVWS has facilitated learning opportunities of both western and Indian music. Dance and Music has always remained inseparable and so we wish to encourage children to pick up both Indian Classical dance forms as well as the western steps. The aura of our music and dance room projects our vision. It is built with 3D illustrations and figures of famous musicians and dancers from both the East and the West.
Social Work
P6030172-min-150x150 School social workers are a vital part of the total education team. Working in collaboration with other groups also trains the child on the importance of working in teams. It helps him connect with others to understand their problems. It teaches him to be committed to the pursuit of social justice. In addition to our students, we also hope, parents will come forward to help out in our social work projects.
Martial arts
12 Our martial arts activities – Karate – allow our students to learn the martial art skills and techniques to build strength and stamina. They also help improve self esteem and discipline.
Yoga and Aerobics
 Untitled-1 This activity includes stretching excercises, body postures and balancing poses to make our body flexible. In yoga the students practice several yogasans like padmasana, bajrasana, ushtasana, gaumukhasana, which enrich the activity sessions.